Permissions explained

To support all features this applications needs several perissions. The table below clearifies why some permissions are needed.

 Permission Why
 Your messagesRequired for the messaging widgets
 LocationAccess to your coarse locations is needed to automatically determine the location to use for twitter trends
 Network communicationInternet access is required to communicate with Twitter and Facebook.
 Personal informationRequired for browser bookmarks widget, calendar widget and contacts widget
 StorageNeeded for facebook and twitter, to cache the timeline, wall etc.
 Directly call phone numbersRequired to immediately call a number from the recent calls quick popup
 Retrieve running applicationsUsed by the recent applications quick popup and used by the recent tab in the drawer

As stated in the privacy policy, NONE of your personal data will be collected or transmitted to the internet. 

Your location will be used to determine trending topics nearby you, this information will not be used for any other purpose.