A quick introduction


ARM Launcher is an android launcher for android 2.3.3 and up inspired by several other launchers. The launcher will have lots of features that exist in e.g. Launcher pro and Go Launcher. Most of the work up until now has been invested in building a solid and lightning fast base for future development as well as developing a framework for theme support.

Themes from several widely used launchers can be applied, including Go Launcher, ADW and Launcher Pro. If you have purchased AHome or OpenHome themes in the past, you can also use these in ARM Launcher.

Beside excellent theming support the following widgets are available that also exist in launcher pro+:
  • Twitter 
  • Facebook
  • Messaging
  • Bookmarks
  • People
  • Calendar
And this is just a start. If you have suggestions for a new widget please let me know and I'll see if it and when it will be added to ARM Launcher.


  • Create a fast and userfriendly customizable launcher.
  • Support lots of cool and fancy integrated widgets without comprimizing performance or memory usage.
  • An easier and better fast/accessible android smartphone or tablet.